We are delighted to announce that the Babcock 4S business has been acquired by Strictly Education.

Headteacher Appraisal

Professional support and advice from experienced consultants, ensures your Headteacher Appraisal process is robust, thorough and objective.


  • Appraisals are facilitated by experienced education consultants, many of whom have been headteachers themselves, who have a strong track record of working with governing bodies and headteachers
  • Informed discussion will ensure the headteacher and governors understand the standards against which performance will be assessed
  • The process will result in SMART objectives being agreed between the headteacher and the governors' panel


Key features of the service

In maintained schools, academies and free schools, governing bodies have a statutory duty to appoint an external adviser for the Headteacher/Principal appraisal process. Our consultants have the skills, experience and objectivity to provide the level of support and advice required to ensure a robust Headteacher Appraisal process through:

  • Acting as the central point of contact to arrange the date for review and the planning meeting
  • Contact with panel chair, sending paperwork and outlining the process prior to the appraisal
  • Facilitating a two-hour appraisal meeting to review last year’s objectives and agree objectives for the coming year
  • Agreeing monitoring arrangements with the governors for the coming year
  • Completing the headteacher's appraisal document and circulating to the panel
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