We are delighted to announce that the Babcock 4S business has been acquired by Strictly Education.

Our ICT Services Guiding Principles

Learners will: Learning will:
be inspired and challenged to high achievement through differentiated and personalised learning be more flexible and adaptive
gain self-esteem through exercising their pupil voice promote thinking through technology
have their own online learning space including their e-portfolio develop research skills in real world contexts
  promote creativity, innovation and originality


  • ICT is part of the fabric of the institution being ever-present and dependable
  • All members of the school community should have access to ICT whenever and wherever it is needed
  • ICT literacy is fundamental for all members of the whole school community, who exploit fully all aspects of ICT appropriately, blended with other learning
  • The school is the learning centre of its community, offering opportunities that are relevant to all stakeholders
  • ICT is used as a powerful tool for promoting social inclusion and delivering educational opportunity beyond the school building
  • ICT reduces teacher workloads and improves the recruitment and retention of staff
  • Efficient management information systems enable personalised learning and foster a new relationship between the school, local authority, DfE and other partner organisations
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