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SCHOOL CENSUS SPRING 2019 (Updated 14 January 2019)

Capita have just published the following:

School Census Spring 2019 (State Schools in England)

Important message

The Consolidate Patch 2 must be applied by all schools that are subject to School Census Spring 2019, even if they have previously applied Consolidated Patch 1.

Once the patch has been applied schools can be confident that any data entered for the following areas is retained.

1. Top Up Funding (all school phases)

2. Post Looked After Arrangements (all school phases)

3. Update Early Years (primary phase only)

4. Class Type (primary and all through phases only)

5. Time in Unit (PRU phase only)

This patch has been made available via SOLUS 3. The patch has also been applied for all Capita Hosted schools.

Background Information

When School Census Spring 2019 is worked on for the first time and the return is not saved prior to running Calculate All Details, data entered in the 5 areas above, via the census application or previously entered directly using Tools | Statutory Returns Tools, will not be retained on save.

In some cases, the data can be restored by accepting the option provided to copy the data from the previous census. We apologise for any re-entry of data caused by this issue.

The Consolidate Patch 2 will prevent the issue occurring so it must be applied by all schools that are subject to School Census Spring 2019.

Please note: On some of our forums this issue has been linked with our filesets. For clarification there is no link to filesets.

Why has the problem occurred?

To meet GDPR requirements, in the Autumn Release 2018, the Save routine within census, was modified to remove data that was no longer relevant. For example, historical Top Up Funding data. Unfortunately, there is a bug in our modification of the Save routine which means that the data removal includes the data for the current census return as well as the historical data.

Further to our announcement yesterday (8 January 2019) regarding Fileset 1102

Capita have advised there is a possible issue with this fileset which they are currently investigating. If you have imported the Fileset, please do not take any further action at this stage and await clarification from us on this page.


FILESET 1102  (Added 8 January 2019)

Fileset 1102 for the Spring 2019 School Census due Thursday 17th January is now available to download:  Improving Schools & Settings > ICT Services > ICT Service Desk > SIMS > School Census Information

It is also available to deply from Solus 3



SIMS Statutory Anaylsis Resources - August 2018

New resources are available for KS1 & KS2 Statutory Analysis.

These can be found in the following location: Improving Schools & Settings > ICT Services > ICT Service Desk > SIMS > Assessment Manager


New Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Wizards (WEF 5 July 2018)

Please note Capita have released new Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Wizards which include the Comparative Report.

These new wizards can be found in the following location: Improving Schools & Settings > ICT Services > ICT Service Desk > SIMS > End of Key Stage Procedures


UPDATED 6 July 2018

Please be aware that Capita have now announced that Patch 24068 will be included in the SIMS Summer Release 2018 which is due out today.

We are working on a solution to help you identfiy and rectify any address amendments that might have been made when you imported CTFs for your new intake. In the meantime, please be careful to check that any addresses you are using in communications with contacts are correct.


Importing CTFs to Admission Groups - Contact Address Problem (WEF 5 July 2018)

Capita have published the following:

Unfortunately, there is a problem with our contact matching that means that in some cases the importing of a CTF to an admission group will result in new pre-admission pupils being linked to the wrong contact and can also result in contacts being allocated incorrect addresses.  Please accept my apology for this mistake in our software.

First aspect of the problem

On import, the software uses a matching routine to check if any of the pupils to be imported have contacts that already exist in SIMS and, where this is the case, links that contact to the pupil and updates the contacts address as necessary.
Unfortunately, several aspects of the matching routine where accidentally removed so that the matching routine only checks for matching names and gender.
The net result is that existing contacts can be given the wrong address and the imported pupil in the admission group can be linked to the wrong contacts.

Second aspect of the problem

This is similar to the first aspect of the problem, but applies where no address for the contact has been included in the CTF file.
As for the first aspect of the problem, the link from the imported pupil will be to the first existing contact with the same name and gender, but in this case the address for that contact is not changed.


Capita recommend that all schools apply patch 24068. They are also in the final stages of developing a diagnostic script to check contact data. If you require this, please contact the Service Desk.

We are going to release patch 24068 to all schools via Solus 3. For those that purchase our Managed Service and Gold SLA, the Service Desk will be in touch  to arrange to run this patch.

This information is going to be cascaded to all schools via email.



If so, please check marksheet EYTT Data Entry Reception YR

If any pupil has been entered as a 2E in the Summer Term 2 column, this converts to the End of Key Stage Wizard for Early Years as Stage 1 and NOT 2.

If this is the case, please contact the SIMS Service Desk




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