We are delighted to announce that the Babcock 4S business has been acquired by Strictly Education.

SIMS and Technology

Stop Press for ICT Service Desk

SIMS Service Desk Telephone Number

I am delighted to advise you that our 0800 number is back online, however the option for the SIMS Service Desk has changed as below:

Please dial 0800 073 4444 option 6.

If you have been using our direct dial numbers starting 01306, can I please ask you to return to use our 0800 number, (a) it is free to use and (b) the 01306 number may go to voicemail.


A range of technical support and data services.

Services include SIMS training and SIMS service desk and can be provided through the purchase of the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA) or simply purchased on an ad hoc basis.

Management ICT training and consultancy is delivered through bespoke on-site visits, tailored to a school’s individual requirements  

Schools ICT Servicedesk

ICT Servicedesk Tel: 0800 073 4444 Option 6

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