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Environmental Services

The Team provide a complete landscape service which includes procuring and managing suppliers.

County Grounds Maintenance Contracts and the provision of guidance and support in the use of school grounds as an environment teaching resource.

Main Services Provided

  • The letting and management of group Ground Maintenance Contracts.
  • Advice on school managed Ground Maintenance contracts, documentation and costings.
  • Preparing and undertaking Landscape Remodelling and Improvement Schemes.
  • Advice on Trees and Shrubs and arranging purchasing and contract planting.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency concerning a tree, please phone 0800 073 4444 ext 835007 during office hours (8.30 to 4.30 Mon to Fri),  or 07976 583959 asking for Alfie Sammut our Arboricultural Manager.


Out of hours please phone the Duty Emergency Planning Officer at Surrey County Council 07831 473039 who will then contact the school's Local Education Officer.

Weather Related Health and Safety

Trees and high winds

Following high winds you are advised to walk around your school grounds to check your trees for,
• Leaning trees.
• Raised root plates, damaged roots or sunken areas around the root plate.
• Snapped or hung up branches
• Trees snapped or hung up in neighbouring trees
If you find any of the above or have large branches on the ground that need to be cut up and removed please ring the Arboricultural team, but please remember that following high winds the arboricultural team are very busy but will attend as soon as possible.

Trees and snow

It is especially important to visually check evergreen trees following high snowfall.
The extra weight snow creates on evergreen tree branches can mean they snap under this extra pressure and it is only when the snow thaws is this damage noticeable.

Environmental Services Team

Tel: 0800 073 4444 Option 1, Option 5

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