Keeping your school or academy safe and functioning is a necessity and comes with statutory obligations. Strictly Education 4S' FM Consultancy services currently enhance the learning environment for over 250,000 pupils, making it safe and compliant.

The team works to support you by managing suppliers in the following areas Catering, CleaningEnvironmental Services and Tree management and achieves excellent purchasing power where schools are geographically close to each other. The team also supports individual schools wherever possible.

The flexible work specifications for Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance ensures the school or education establishment can set the service they require to use their funding most effectively.

For further information on each service area please visit the appropriate pages or do get in touch we look forward to hearing from you.

Facilities Management Team contacts

  • Head of Facilities Management
    Jeremy Jones 0800 073 4444 Option 7
  • FM Support Officer
    James Ludlow Tel: 0800 073 4444 Option 7
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