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HR Administration Reviews

HR Administration Reviews

Helping you to be compliant with the latest statutory guidelines.

We offer reviews of your single central record, personnel files and/or employment contracts.

Our experience in the field of education means that we can offer an expert service to support schools, colleges and academies with their HR processes, specifically those relating to safeguarding, contractual documentation and personnel file administration.

Our team of highly knowledgeable HR Officers can review your provision and provide advice on improvements. Some projects can be completed remotely from our Head Office causing minimal disturbance to the functioning of your organisation. Others will require us to work within your setting in collaboration with your administration team, which can also provide useful professional development for your staff.

Find out more about these services below:

Single central record review

Schools, colleges and academies are required to maintain a single central record (SCR) of all their staff and their pre-employment checks. This record is scruitinised as part of an Ofsted inspection and therefore needs to be continually updated to demonstrate compliance with statutory requirements. The safe recruitment of adults working with children means that educational settings must remain up to date on changes to regulations as well as guidance on best practice.

The rules about who must be included on the SCR are complex because of the wide range of people who interact with schools, whether on a professional or voluntary basis. Our full SCR review service will ensure that your record meets Ofsted standards and the wider statutory requirements of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

A further benefit of this service is the professional development that staff gain which often leads many settings to go on to carry out a more general review of their recruitment practices.

Schools will retain responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the SCR. We can work with your existing SCR or transfer the information to our own best practice template for you to use going forward.

This service can be carried out at your premises or remotely at our offices.



  • A comprehensive review of your single central record with recommendations on errors, amendments and improvements to satisfy current Ofsted requirements;
  • Provision of a ‘tried and tested’ SCR template that will ensure safeguarding protocols are enforced;
  • The option to enlist the time of an HR Officer to make necessary amendments to the SCR for you.

Personnel file review

Schools hold a range of information on personnel files, either because they are legally required to do so or because it helps them to operate and monitor policies and procedures, compile and analyse data and respond to information requests.

Ofsted and LA auditors may seek to ensure personnel files reflect best practice, particularly in areas such as safeguarding, recruitment and selection, and processes for monitoring time-bonded storage.

This review can provide guidance on content and organisation, as well as link the personnel files to the single central record. In addition to legislative compliance, uncluttered files allow staff to work more efficiently.

This service is undertaken at your premises within your normal operating hours in collaboration with school administration staff.



  • A comprehensive review of the content and organisation of personnel files, linking them to vital statutory documents such as the single central record;
  • Guidance on maintaining and storing employee data as well as legislative compliance e.g. GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018;
  • Correctly organised personnel files enable key employee information and data analysis to be carried out efficiently.

Employment contracts review

A contract of employment sets out an agreement between the employer and employee and is the basis for the employment relationship. According to ACAS, simple misunderstandings over what is or is not in a contract are one of the main causes of employment tribunal claims. Accurate contractual documents are essential for successfully resolving employee relations disputes.

Education staff work to a complex range of different terms and conditions, covered by national and local arrangements, in a variety of settings (maintained, academy, independent, FE college) and different roles.

Some employees may also have continuity of employment, which will bring about certain contractual entitlements.

Circumstances can arise that cause contractual paperwork to become outdated or flawed, which may mean it no longer reflects the reality of the current employment relationship. For example, where a member of staff has worked in a number of different roles over time, but the contractual arrangements have not been updated with each change of employment.

In addition, some academies may have a two-tiered system, with members of staff working to different sets of terms and conditions, because of a change of status and the application of TUPE to certain employees. This system is entirely legitimate but it does require extra vigilance to ensure it is applied accurately to the appropriate staff.

Our employment contract review is undertaken by experienced HR Officers at your school/college in collaboration with your administration staff. This service is usually undertaken in conjunction with a personnel file review.



  • A comprehensive review of contractual records to identify discrepancies, and ensure they are up to date and accurately reflect the terms and conditions of each role;
  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal requirements will avoid the risk of contractual disputes in the future.

Please contact us for further information to find out how we can help you. We will discuss your requirements and provide a no obligation quote for the specific work you need.
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