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DBS Services

DBS Services

About Our Service

We provide expert support and guidance on the online DBS checking service to help support you with safer recruitment and ensure you comply with statutory guidance.

We have been a Registered Body with the DBS (formerly CRB) since 2002 and currently act as an Umbrella Body for over 500 schools and other organisations.

Our service makes use of the DBS’s Ebulk system, which provides secure online paperless processing that is easy to use for applicants and organisations. We provide detailed guidance and advice on the use of the online system to all applicants and organisations as well as unlimited telephone support; our service desk staff are highly experienced and keen to help. Pricing is on a per-check basis.

Key Benefits

• No laborious checking of application forms

• Applications received by the DBS the same day as approved by you

• Same day email alert direct to you once clearance is received

• Easy online monitoring of the progress of applications

• Identification of any errors on applications to avoid unnecessary delays

• No postage costs or forms delayed/ lost in the post

• Saves you time, resources and money

• Support with positive disclosures

Positive Disclosures Support

Where positive disclosures are received, our service will support you with a full and thorough risk assessment process, enabling you to make an informed decision on the suitability of an individual to work with children and young people.


Web Resources

As an integral part of the service we provide access to a range of additional web-based guidance and resources to support you with the DBS checking process for your staff and volunteers.


Additional DBS Plus Service

Organisations that require further pre-employment support beyond the DBS application process can purchase our DBS Plus service.

This includes advice and guidance on pre-employment issues such as single central records, right to work, overseas police checks and much more.

Also included in the DBS Plus SLA is an annual single central record health check, to ensure you comply with statutory guidance.

The DBS Plus SLA is available for just £199+VAT annual subscription per establishment.

Key Features

DBS Service
DBS Plus Service
  • Online processing of DBS applications
  • Additional CBL/List 99 checks when required e.g. as part of a risk assessment process for staff who are required to commence employment prior to DBS clearance being received
  • Telephone/email advice and guidance on the processing of DBS applications
  • Telephone/email support with positive disclosures and completing risk assessments, including the provision of a model template
  • Website resources for DBS checks, e.g. application and processing guidance

In addition to the features of the DBS Service, DBS Plus customers will also receive:

  • Telephone and email advice and guidance with wider recruitment and pre-employment issues, e.g. single central record, overseas police checks, right to work, references, qualifications, qualified teacher status (QTS), prohibition checks
  • Additional website resources for wider recruitment and pre-employment issues
  • No additional charge for external validation checks, which are required when an individual has insufficient ID to satisfy requirements under route 1 (normally £5/request)
  • Annual single central record health check: a remote review of your single central record to ascertain whether it meets the current statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education (recommendations will be provided on how you can make improvements if necessary)

Contact us to find out more about our DBS services and for information on how to register:
0800 073 4444 (option 3)

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