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Online preparation & remote assessment

Online preparation & remote assessment

Online HLTA preparation - £249 plus VAT.  (Compulsory 7 x 2hour sessions)

Suitable for those who are:

  • already meeting the 33 HLTA standards
  • ready for HLTA assessment

Delivered by Strictly Education 4S preparer with access to materials and online sessions.

The process of preparation is essential for the successful achievement of HLTA status. Not only does it support candidates undergoing the assessment process, but it also provides and exceptional CPD opportunity and raises confidence through the acknowledgement of skills, knowledge and understanding.

The purpose of preparation is:
• to make the candidate aware of the requirements of the assessment process
• to ensure candidates understand the 33 professional standards for HLTA status
• to provide support for candidates in the provision of evidence to demonstrate achievement against the standards

The Four Stages of Preparation
1. Understanding the standards Stage 1 builds familiarity with the HLTA standards, clarifies understanding of them and looks at how the standards relate to candidates' work in school

2. Introducing the Assessment tasks Stage 2 clarifies the understanding of the assessment process. It supports candidates in the writing of their tasks

3. Formative feedback on the candidates’ draft work Stage 3 – Candidates' review their draft responses for the assessment task. They help each other to develop their tasks 4. Preparing for the school visit Stage

4 explains the nature and purpose of the assessors visit to the school (due to covid-19 all schools assessments are now being completed remotely). The TAs learns their role in preparing for and organising the half day visit of their assessor to their school.

For all candidates Head Teachers will be asked to provide confirmation that candidates are already working at a higher level of teaching support and to confirm the candidate meets all 33 HLTA standards.

Remote HLTA ½ day assessment - £450.  All candidate must have completed online HLTA preparation before assessment can be completed.

3 hour remote assessment, moderation and administration. Coordination of outcome and post assessment guidance.

HLTA assessment process:

1. Completing written tasks. These are accounts of normal activities, snapshots of candidates’ work with: - an individual - a small group - a whole class (without the teacher present) plus five other shorter accounts of teaching & learning situations

2. Compiling a small portfolio of documentary evidence clearly matched to the standards to support what has been written in the tasks.

3. A half-day remote HLTA assessment to verify that the candidate has met all 33 HLTA standards (there are no classroom observations)

Timeframe of Assessment Process

  • At the point of application Strictly Education 4S check the head teacher verified copies of maths & English certificates to ensure qualifications meet the requirements.
  • Between online sessions 4 & 7: Candidates continue to write their draft tasks
  • After Preparation Following on line session 7 of preparation candidates have four school weeks (20 days) to complete and submit their written assessment tasks and scanned evidence portfolio.
  • Candidates can expect their remote (telephone) assessment to be within 6 – 8 weeks from session 7 of preparation. Assessor will have sufficient time to scrutinize tasks and prepare in advance of school visit.
  • Following assessment Every month a selection of assessments are selected for moderation in line with the HLTA National Assessment Partnership procedures.
  • Following moderation, by a senior team of assessors, successful candidates will receive full certification through the HLTA National Assessment Partnership.
  • Candidates will received outcome up to 8 weeks after assessment has been completed

Success rates are currently at over 98%.

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