Gaining Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Status

Strictly Education 4S are regional providers of HLTA assessment in London and South East England.  HLTA status has been created for teaching assistants who would benefit from professional development training to support 1:1 activities, group and whole class teaching.

• Empower the HLTA to support the school in their own setting

• Ensure the teaching assistant receives national accreditation of HLTA status

• Continuous improvement of support staff development

Programme Details
Assessment is measured against 33 national standards and enables schools to ensure their Higher Level Teaching Assistants receive accreditation of the status through independent assessment.

During the three days candidates will:
• Develop an understanding of the HLTA process and the overall expectations

• Map role in school to standards and identify any gaps in knowledge

• Understand what is meant by 'advancing learning' of individuals, groups and whole classes in the context of HLTA status

• Understand how to complete the written HLTA assignments and collate a supporting evidence portfolio

• Begin to complete a draft assignment under guidance

• Plan for, and understand the expectations of, the half day school assessment visit

All applicants must:
• Have evidence of, and be able to provide, Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE A*-C, 9-4, grade) maths and English qualifications

• Already be working at HLTA level supporting 1:1 activities, group and whole class teaching. This needs to be endorsed by the headteacher

• Attend a three-day training programme leading to a half-day school-based assessment

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