Get DfE funding for G Suite for classroom and home learning

Digital tools for classroom and home learning

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced funding support for two free to use digital education platforms - G Suite for Education from Google and Office 365 Education by Microsoft. These platforms allow teaching and learning to continue at home, whilst schools are closed.

When schools reopen, G Suite will also be a valuable addition to your resources for in-school learning, particularly due to inevitable social distancing regulations, as classrooms may have to be divided into separate rooms. This easy-to-set-up platform will allow for the same syllabus to be taught in each room, allowing consistency across classrooms.

What's included?
The funding covers the cost for an accredited Google for Education partner to carry out:

• Set up of G Suite for Education
• Provision Google Classroom
• Core security settings to support remote education
• Creation of a central "remote learning hub" site for your school
• Training for your school's staff

Is your school eligible for funding?

Schools that do not currently have a digital education platform are eligible for funding. Schools that have already selected a platform but are not yet set up to assign work and communicate with pupils, are also eligible.

How much funding is available?

Primary schools - entitled to £1,500
Secondary schools - entitled to £2,000
Multi-Academy Trusts can receive £1,000 per academy up to a maximum of £10,000

How can Strictly Education help?

Our Technology Services colleagues at Strictly Education are proud to be a Google for Education Partner and a designated support provider added to the framework for schools to choose from.

If your school's current IT support network is not a Google for Education Partner, and you have decided to invest in G Suite for Education, you can select Strictly Education as your partner of choice without compromising any existing arrangements.

How to apply for funding

When your school is ready, you can apply for support from an accredited partner by visiting The Key website.

For a quick discussion about G Suite for Education call: 0330 123 2540 or email A member of our Technology team will be in touch to answer all your questions.


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