‘Words make us who we are, and they help us become who we could be’ (Alex Quigley 2018)

At the core of communication, both oral and written, is a rich vocabulary. We need to immerse children in language but how do we enrich the lexicon of every child to create effective communicators? How do we enable and empower readers to discover the magic of texts? How do we inspire writers who have both flair and precision? From the teaching of reading, to mastering the technicalities of writing, our team of consultants bring their passion and expertise to make connections between all aspects of the English curriculum including phonics, spelling and grammar through tailored consultancy and training.

By drawing on up-to-date research, our consultants personalise provision and pedagogy to maximise impact on learners from all backgrounds, ensuring every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


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    31st October, 26th February & 15th May 2019
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    1st November, 27th February & 14th May 2019
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Excellent course, really useful. Were given practical resources and examples & theory and how this can be transferred to a school setting. - January 2018

Greater Depth for Year 2: Reading writing and Maths at the end of KS1

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