SENCO Leadership Development Programme

A leadership development programme designed to meet the needs of SENCOs. Practical ideas and guidance on how to lead SEN strategically.


• Empower the SENCO to lead strategically in their own setting

• Enable the SENCO to support the school to address the local and national agenda to ensure no child is left behind

Programme Details

This programme has been designed around meeting the needs of the 21st century SENCO. Leadership and management which delivers information, advice and strategies which will empower SENCOs to lead strategically in their own setting.

Delegates will:

• Receive practical advice and guidance on how to lead SEN strategically

• Get structured opportunities to reflect on existing practice and identify clear areas for improvement

• Learn change management techniques to help prepare and plan for change in school settings

• Be able to identify ways to track provision and link it to the school’s own context

• Reflect on Ofsted and make sure there is evidence of impact in school practices

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