NEW! Leadership Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection of leadership roles in schools and colleges can amount to the most critical task a governing body is responsible for, particularly given that the cost of making the wrong appointment can be substantial.

Our School Improvement and HR teams offer integrated expert support for school leaders and governing bodies from succession planning through to appointment and beyond.


• Ensuring the appointment of the best possible candidate for the school

• Ensuring the recruitment process is robust and meets all legal requirements

• Enabling governors to select a bespoke service that meets the needs of their particular circumstances

• Providing a cost-effective solution

Key features of the service

We can provide you with resources, advice and expert support to enable you to:

• Review your leadership structure

• Undertake a rigorous planning process

• Design a high-quality assessment and selection process, including providing key resources

• Utilise recruitment advertising to ensure maximum impact

• Determine the suitability of candidates to lead your school

• Deliver professional feedback to all candidates

Our team of School Improvement Partners (SIPs) and HR consultants have substantial experience of supporting governors and headteachers in the recruitment, selection and appointment of leadership staff.

Bespoke Service and Pricing

As every school’s needs are different we offer a bespoke service to support you through the recruitment and selection process. We will agree this with you at the outset of the process based on your individual school’s requirements. Pricing will be based on our standard consultancy rates. An example of the level of support you might expect is as follows:

• Attendance at initial planning meeting/s and remote follow up support – 2 hours

• Review of applications and attendance at a shortlisting meeting – 4 hours

• Guidance in relation to interviews and assessment activities – 2 hours

• Attendance at the selection day/s 6-12 hours

Adjustment to the hours required may be necessary during the process e.g. due to the number of applicants received. Only the hours actually worked will be invoiced to the school.

In addition to the services listed, for an additional charge per candidate, we are able to offer Personality Profiling by licensed and experienced staff.

Furthermore, governing bodies are increasingly keen to ensure candidates have a sound understanding of a school's finances and our Finance Team can provide a specifically designed task to assess their skills in this regard, again at an additional charge.


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