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Strictly Education 4S Head Office and Development Centre
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For more information go to CPD Online and search events for 'SIMS'

Latest SIMS upgrade details

It is very important that required upgrades are run as soon as possible after release to keep your school system up-to-date.
The table below gives details of the current update/upgrade available and the appropriate version. (Please make a note of these details in order to check that the upgrade has been successful.)
  Upgrade/ Update

  Version   Database   FMS update   FMS Version
  Autumn 2018





  Summer 2018   7.182  3.63.146 Yes


The Capita's Release Notes (see below) provide details of any changes and amendments that have been included in this release and are for information purposes only. There are separate notes for Primary and Secondary schools.
Please upgrade 7.184 first, then IMMEDIATELY upgrade to FMS 6.184 ensuring backups are created prior to each upgrade.
If you have NOT received any notification emails from SOLUS 3, please contact the Service Desk on 0800 073 4444, option 1, option 1.

SIMS Primary Release Notes Autumn 2018 
SIMS Secondary Release Notes Autumn 2018
FMS Release Notes Autumn 2018
SIMS Permissions File V7.184

Address Cleaning

Please refer to the FAQs document before contacting the Strictly Education 4S Service desk for assistance.

Address Tidy
Bulk Validation

Tidy & Merge Reports.RptDef  - SIMS reports


If you require assistance to complete this process please contact  to arrange a consultancy visit. This will be chargeable at the current ICT consultancy rates

Assessment Manager

Statutory Analysis Report for KS1 & KS2

These resources are available to support the analysis of KS1and KS2 outcomes using the revised measures introduced in 2016. 
Schools have access to their overall results from statutory tests at KS1 and KS2 in SIMS. 
The new SIMS assessment templates and linked reports will provide schools with the ability to compare results for key pupil groups within their school against the national measures. 
Schools are required to download the Guidance Notes, Marksheet Templates and Report Definition files below.
Statutory Analysis Report Guidance notes.
Primary School SIP Statutory Key Stage Analysis Resources

(The latest version uses 2017 National Data. A new version will be issued once 2018 National Data is available. However, the current version does provide valuable analysis of your schools 2018 Key Stage results and transition matrix between each key stage and key group analysis).


Assessment Without Levels


The solution from SIMS to record assessment data and track pupil progress.
The POS can be used at different levels depending on your role and requirements.

  1. The POS contains all of the NC statements of the Core and Foundation subjects. This enables the Class Teacher to have an accurate detailed record of what a child can do on a half termly or termly basis.

  2. If less assessment detail is required, data can be entered at strand level, e.g. Number, Shape and Space, or at overall subject level Maths, Reading or Writing grade.

  3. The POS uses four stages of progress: E – Entering/Emerging, D – Developing, S – Secure and M – Mastery or Surpassing, and in addition, WT – Working Towards. EYFS Ages and Stages can also be recorded. Pupils working below their academic year can also be tracked.

  4. Early Years Foundation Stage statements are also available. Data entered in the EYTT marksheets in SIMS automatically pulls through to POS enabling schools to take advantage of reports and instant analysis.

  5. A key feature of POS is the instant analysis which is available immediately data is entered. Schools can enter comments and next step targets.

  6. Excellent reports for attainment and progress are readily available.



POS Courses are available to book via CPD Online 
Ring the Service Desk  0800 073 4444, Option 1, Option 1 to book personalised training with a Strictly Education Trainer.



Training Courses
Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online.

SIMS Attendance for New Users - for users new to SIMS Attendance

SIMS Attendance Refresher Course - for users who would like to know more about editing attendance data, running reports and creating letters. 
Attendance for Teachers
Attendance can be recorded in SIMS by teachers in the classroom. This is an instant online process reducing cost and time for office staff. There are links to the Behaviour and Achievement records. E.g. Report Cards, Detention sessions etc.

Having SIMS in the classroom can be achieved by linking the Curriculum and Admin networks. To arrange for a Strictly Education 4S engineer to install this link please contact the Service Desk (0800 073 4444, Opt1, Opt1). This is a chargeable service (ICT SLA Tech time can be used).

Strictly Education 4S also provide twilight sessions for teachers on using Attendance. To arrange for a SIMS Training Consultant to visit your school please contact Donna Holloway at

Common Transfer Files

Common Transfer Files (CTF) are used to transfer pupil/students details between schools in a secure format.

Once this file has been created in SIMS, it will be uploaded to the Secure Access website for the destination school to download and import into their own system.

Guidance notes

Importing\Exporting (Creating) CTF files in SIMS

DfE Guidance notes for uploading\downloading CTF files from the S2S website

Course Manager

Course Manager Documentation
These notes are also available from the Documentation button on the Homepage in SIMS.


SIMS Discover enables schools to analyse SIMS Data by displaying it in a variety of graphical formats e.g. bar graphs, pie charts and Venn diagrams.
There are predefined graphs available, however your own data items can be specified to measure and analyse the data as required.
Discover is included in the existing SIMS Licence. However a separate installation is required.
This can be booked via the Service Desk (0800 073 4444, Option1, Option1) and is a chargeable service (ICT SLA Tech time can be used).
If you wish to do the installation yourselves and you have an SLA with Strictly Education 4S contact the Service Desk for advice.


A demonstration of SIMS Discover can be viewed through You Tube.

Please note although this video uses touch screen technology this is not a prerequisite.


A consultantancy visit can be arranged to do training in school on your data. Consultancy rates will apply.
Please contact Donna Holloway at for more details.


Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online 
It is recommended that Discover is installed prior to attending a training course.

Installing Discover

If you are installing Discover yoursleves please use the Discover Installation Guidance notes.

Initial Transfer of Data

Once Discover has been installed the SIMS data for the current and previous 2 years needs to be transferred to Discover. This is carried out manually via the Discover Administration Utility. This only needs to be completed once. The current years data will automatically be updated on a daily basis. To complete the initial transfer of data please follow the Instructions for Initial Data Transfer

Start of Academic Year

At the start of the new Academic year,  the Discover database needs to be updated with the Current Years data and the previous 2 years data needs to be updated as Last Year and 2 Years Ago. The previous 2 years data  now becomes static and the Current Year will be updated automatically on a daily basis.
Please use the Discover Start of Year Procedures Guidance notes to update your Discover database.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Templates are available in SIMS

End of EYFS Analysis Grids

Additional analysis grids have been produced by Strictly Education 4S to compliment the End of Early Foundation Stage resources produced by Capita for SIMS.
There are three types of analysis grids/reports:

 Once downloaded, they need to be imported into SIMS Assessment .

EYFS Early Learning Goals - SIMS Analysis Report

EYFS Analysis 2015

For further information please contact

Exam Organiser

These guidance notes are also available from the Documentation button on the Homepage in SIMS
Non EDI Result Entry
Non EDI Result Entry Powerpoint showing links to Course Manager and School Census.
NB: The Powerpoint presentation is a zipped file.

Importing & Structuring Basedata v6.90
Guide to Importing and Structuring Your Basedata
Internal Exams v6.90

Guide to Setting up Domestic Exams in Examinations Organiser
Unit Seating Wizard v6.90
Unit seating wizard
Exam Results Analysis
Exam Results Analysis 2017

Processing Results and Calculating PI Data
Results Day Survival Kit
Results Day Survival Kit 2018
Common Errors on Importing Results
Exam Results Missing


Useful links

DfE Guidance for Progress 8 measure in 2016, 2017 and 2018 
Ofqual - Your qualification, our regulation: GCSE, AS and A level reforms 


End of Key Stage Procedures

End of Key Stage Resources for the 2018 returns are now available to purchase on eShop.

For access to the FREE resource  Introduction to Key Stage Statutory Returns & Guidance on activating SIMS AMPARK tool –

There is a charge for the other 6 packages, 3 of which are universally relevant, of £30 or less for each package. The online shop has a simple online card payment facility, so just choose the relevant packages and download after payment. Please note that these resources are audio-visual, so you will need to download onto a laptop or PC with speaker functionality.

Guidance notes are included in the packages for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Click on this link to access the End of Key Stage Resources 

New Update 5 July 2018

Please note that Capita have released another version of the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Wizards which include a Comparative Report.

Please save the attached zip file(s) onto a network location on your PC.  Unzip the file(s) and extract the .xml within.

In SIMS go to Routines\Data In\Assessment\ Import and Import the Key Stage 1 Wizard England 2018 V2.xml and/or Key Stage 2 Wizard England 2018 V2.xml which contain the Comparative Reports.

Key Stage 1 Wizard England 2018 V2

Key Stage 2 Wizard England 2018 V2


Statutory Analysis Report for KS1 & KS2

Please see the Assessment Manager Page via Improving Schools & Settings > ICT Services > ICT Service Desk > SIMS for this information

FSM Ever

On 13 December 2011 the Department for Education (DfE) announced the details of the school funding settlement for 2012-13 which included details of the Pupil Premium.
Details and guidance notes on how to access the Ever FSM information for your school and how to download into your SIMS system.

Performance Related Pay

Performance Related Pay is an appraisal system within SIMS Personnel.
It enables the school to manage staff performance in correlation with training, qualifications, absences and contractual information already held in Personnel.
Staff performance data is held centrally, securely and integrated with the personnel record.
For more details open the Presentation from the IM Seminar.
View the Capita Education Services Demonstration video. Please be patient this is a large file to download.

Licence Information

A licence is required to activate the Performance Related Pay in SIMS.
There is a one off cost with No annual fees.
Primary         £200
Secondary    £500
Please contact Capita Education Services to obtain the licence. 
Tel no.      0845 520 3013

Please send an expression of interest to



Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online

  • SIMS Personnel 7 for New Users - Introduction
  • SIMS Reporting on Personnel Data
  • SIMS Personnel Refresher

Personnel Service Term Files

Please refer to the dedicated Personnel Service Term Files page.

Single Central Record

This will produce a Single Central Record report, as per the format from the Personnel Section of the website, using the information held within SIMS Personnel.

Please download and unzip the Single Central Record Pack - December 10.

Follow the Guidance notes within the pack

Personnel Reports

These SIMS reports can be downloaded and imported into SIMS.

Staff Data Collection Sheet
Monthly Absence Return
Staff Absence Detail
Individual Abs-Type Illness PRate and Notes
Staff Birthday List
Contract Information
Blank NI Teacher no. Incorrect Ethnicity Code
Checks TBS Excel
Qualifications not Verified
Single Central Record     


Personnel Service Term Files


Schools are now able to set their own pay points\amounts within a scale. Therefore, Strictly Education 4S, no longer produce the updated Service Term files. The Service Term files will need to be updated by each school prior to the School Workforce Census in November. Please refer to Guidance notes below.


A Personnel Refresher course is available which covers updating and editing Service Term files and staff information.
A School Workforce Census course is available which demonstrates the process of creating and checking the details of the Workforce Census file. 
Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online.

Pay Grades and Allowances 2018 

Surrey Pay Grades - April 2018 
Teachers Pay Grades & Allowances - September 2018  Draft 
Leadership Discretionary Points  (Fringe) - September 2018.

Please read further information regarding Teachers Pay grades and allowances for September 2018

Guidance Notes for Editing and Updating the SIMS Service Term Files

Updating and Editing Pay Scale Points
Each Pay scale needs to be updated with the latest Award Date and amounts.
Guidance notes for Updating and Editing Pay Award Scale Points in a ST in SIMS.
Editing Allowances
Guidance notes to Update Allowances in a ST in SIMS.
Editing Posts 
Guidance notes to Editing\Adding Posts in a ST in SIMS.
Creating Extra Pay Points
To increase the pay points from 6 to 11 in the existing Teachers ST file.
NB: It is NOT possible to create 0.5 (half) points in Service Terms that already exist.
Guidance notes to Create more Pay Points in the (TE) Teachers ST in SIMS.

School Census Information

DfE Guidance Notes

School Census 2018 to 2019 (Please note the DfE have combined ALL school phases into one document)

COLLECT Guide for LA Maintained Schools

COLLECT Guide for Academies and Free Schools

Video Guide to COLLECT. This is an external link. Scroll down the page to view the video.


School Census 2018-19 Notepad Entries 

School Census 2018-19 Term on Term User Guide 

School Census Infant Class Size Validation - Spring 2019


School Census 2018 to 2019: guide for the duplicate report - same UPN

School Census 2018 to 2019: guide for the duplicate report - same person different UPN


Post-16 school census interactive tool: Excel 2010

Post-16 school census interactive tool: Excel 97-2003


Capita Guidance Notes

These guidance notes are also available from the Documentation button on the Homepage in SIMS

Producing School Census Spring 2019 for All-Through Schools
Producing School Census Spring 2019 for Nursery Schools
Producing School Census Spring 2019 for Primary Schools
Producing School Census Spring 2019 for Secondary Schools
Producing School Census Spring 2019 for Special Schools
Producing School Census Spring 2019 for PRU's
School Census Validation Errors and Resolutions
Statutory Returns FAQs
Preparing for the School Census Spring 2019 Return - Primary Nursery and Special Schools
Preparing for the School Census Spring 2019 Return - Secondary and PRUs


Ethnic Data Source field

Capita has set the following Ethnic Data Source lookups to inactive in the SIMS Autumn Release 2016, in line with DfE concerns.
• Ascribed by the previous school
• Ascribed by the current school
• Other
A SIMS report Ethnic Data Source is available to list all current pupils who have one of these sources of ethnicity assigned. 
It is then possible to use Bulk Update to amend the Ethnic Data Source 
Valid SEN Codes

Fileset 1102 (Updated 8 January 2019)
How to Import a Fileset 
Privacy Notice - Suggested text for pupils

School Workforce Census

8th November 2018

The School Workforce Census is a mandatory data collection. This covers English schools in the maintained sector and includes Community, Foundation, Voluntary Aided, Voluntary Controlled, PRU's and Academy schools.
Please use the following guidance notes to assist in the completion of the School Workforce Census.

Check List

Use the Checklist for SWC before starting the return.
Powerpoint presentation from Workforce Census training course.
Guidance Notes for Editing SIMS Service Terms Files
There are a number of guidance notes available, on the Personnel Service Term Files area, for editing\updating the Service Term Files in SIMS.

Contract FAQ's

Use this guidance for the following questions:
A member of staff has 2 job roles. One is included in the SWC and one is not. E.g A Teaching Assistant (Included) and a Breakfast Club Assistant.(not included).?
Do I issue a Contract or a Service Agreement? 

Capita Guidance Notes

School Workforce Census 2018 Errors and Resolutions 
Preparing for the SWF Census 2018 
Producing the SWF Census 2018

Information from the DfE

SWF Census Guidance 2018
SWF COLLECT via Secure Access User guide for Academies
SWF COLLECT via Secure Access User guide for Mainstained Schools
SWF COLLECT Note Guidance

Video guide to COLLECT  This is an external link. Scroll down the page to view the video.
Fileset 1005 (Added 25 September 2018)
How to import a Fileset

Information from Surrey LA / Strictly Education 4S

Privacy Notice for School Workforce
Personnel Service Term file
NB: If you are from a Secondary School or an Academy, you will have been issued seperate log in details for Secure Access by the DfE. If you have forgotten your details please use Forgotten username or password on the Secure Access log in page (

SIMS End of Year Procedures

NB: This procedure needs to be completed BEFORE the start of the new Academic Year 

If you require assistance to complete this process please contact arrange a consultancy visit. This will be chargeable at the current ICT consultancy rates.

Training courses are available to book on CPD Online during the Spring 2019 Term.

Primary Schools
Guidance notes for 2018\2019
Correcting the Pastoral Structure in the next Academic Year

Secondary Schools
Guidance notes for 2018\2019

Discover Start of Year
If your school has installed and using Discover please refer to the Discover Start of Year Procedure notes to update your database.

Fronter Start of Year
If your school's VLE (Virtual Learning Enviroment) is Fronter please refer to the Fronter Start of Year notes to update your VLE.
New Academic Year Procedures
Fronter Start of Year Guidance
Fronter Start of Year Check List

Schools with a Nursery or Sixth Form
Please use the Guidance Notes to ensure compliance with the DfE Pupil Registration Regulations.
Pupils progressing directly within the same school from Nursery to Reception or from Year 11 to Year 12 are NOT given a new entry date unless they are a genuine re-admission.

SIMS Reports

The reports below are available for you to download and import into SIMS.
Please read the instuctions to Download, Unzip and Import reports into SIMS before attempting to download and import SIMS reports.

Absence Letters RTF.RptDef - NB: This report takes a long time to run.
This report produces letters for Authorised / Unauthorised Absences.
Achievements Behaviour Exclusions by Surname.RptDef
Birthday List selection.RptDef - select number of days required
Blank Parental Saluatation or Addressee.RptDef
Checking Year Taught In.RptDef
Checking Curriculum Year Taught In.doc
Class List - User Defined Columns.RptDef
Cover Sheet for Pupil Files - Print and paste onto the front of the paper file for each pupil. 
Data Collection Sheets  -  NEW May 2018

Please read the Data Collection document for an explanation of the following Data Collection Sheets. 
From Autumn 2018 the School Census will no longer collect Nationality and Country of Birth so these have been removed from the Data collection reports. The Mode of Travel has also been removed.

Dietary Needs and Medical Details Photo Sheet - A list for the kitchen staff.   

Duplicated Parents \ Contacts  

Ethnic Data Source Report
A report to list the following information in SIMS: Ascribed by the previous school, Ascribed by the current school or Other.
These are no longer 'active' choices and need to be amended via Bulk update.
EWO L and U's.RptDef
A report to show a count of 'L - Late before Reg close' and 'U - After Reg close' for all pupils on roll of statutory school age.

Family \ Sibling Links report

FSM Ever - Arrivals.RptDef

Parent \Pupil Address (no little house) report

Separated Parents Pupil Report and Correspondence flags
This report will highlight the parents living at a different address to the pupil and if the 'Pupil Report or 'Correspondence' flags have been selected in the contact details.
This information will need to be corrected for the Parent not living with Pupil - Label 7162 report (below) to work correctly. 
Parent not living with pupil - Label 7162 
Both 'Parental Responsibility' and 'Pupil Correspondence' must be ticked in the contacts details.
Please use the above report Separated Parents, Pupil report & Correspondence flags to assist in correcting the contact details.

Photographs class selected at runtime.RptDef

Population Analysis.RptDef

Pupil Premium Indicator for Previous Academic Year.RptDef  
To extract a list of pupils that had a PPI in the previous Academic Year.
The information is not automatically promoted into the new Academic Year and needs to be rentered for the current year and School Census. This can be updated via the Bulk Update routine.
Registers for 1st Week of Academic Year
SEN - Need Type SEMH (Previously BSED)
SIMS Pastoral - NB: This file will need to be unzipped to enable you to use it.
Students in classes for Teachers tbs.RptDef

Data Collection Reports

Please refer to the dedicated Data Collection Reports page

Personnel Reports

Please refer to Personnel section above

SIMS Quick Reports

SIMS Quick Reports

These are quick, simple, drag and drop lists that can be created in SIMS. eg A class list of students with contact details.
Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online


SOLUS 3 (Updated March 2018)
The latest Solus 3 platform is 3.12.41. Capita Notes on how to upgrade are available upon request.

System Manager

System Manager

Training Courses are available to book for the 2019 Spring Term via CPD Online
SIMS Permissions Excel Spreadsheet is available from the Documentation Centre on the Home Page in SIMS



Preparing the Curriculum for Next Year (Nova T6)
This document is intended to provide advice for those users who wish to start working on next year’s timetable and in particular, the Options process. It does not cover the end of year process – only the initial steps in preparing for the next academic year.

Schools ICT Servicedesk

ICT Servicedesk Tel: 0800 073 4444 Option 1, option 1

Email the team
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