Data and Information Management

The Data Management team focuses on quality of data, improving and further streamlining processes for both schools and LA and is fully supported by the ongoing development work with schools carried out in the training and consultancy team. The database administration expertise within the team provides a focus on reliability and sustainability of LA systems as well as project management skills.

  • Good quality, timely data through resolution of data conflicts and effective business processes
  • Support for statutory and local returns
  • Management of data in both school and local authority management information systems

Minimising demands on schools by co-ordinating Data Collection:

  • Collecting only essential information
  • Collecting information once and using it many times
  • Storing and transferring information electronically
  • Automating collection with 'one-button' solutions

Improving the value of information returned to schools:

  • Analysed assessment data returned electronically
  • End of Key Stage pupil level estimates for effective target setting
  • Assessment data returned prior to KS2 to KS3 transfer

Effective Data Management:

  • Use of CTF's for effective pupil tracking in central MIS
  • Assessment data held alongside SEN, 'Looked After' and EAL information to support an Integrated Childrens' Service in focusing educational support where most needed

If you would like further information on our Data and Information Management, please contact Teresa Scoble
0800 073 4444 option 1, option 5

Data Management Team

Teresa Scoble
Teresa has been the Data Management Team Leader since 2008 and employed by Surrey County Council since 2003.
David Price
David joined the team in December 2002 after being employed by Surrey County Council in the Child Protection Team.
Deborah Skelton
Deborah has been a member of the Data Management Team since 2008, prior to this she worked in the office of a Surrey school.

Daniel Hughes

Daniel joined in 2018 in a role of Data Team Information Officer

Qualifications in this team focus specifically around ITIL.

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