Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Staffing your school through effective recruitment and selection is one of the most crucial activities that you and your governors undertake. The process covers a diverse range of activities, commencing with a review of the post to be filled, a decision on the type of contract to be offered and how and when to advertise.

Once potential candidates have been identified, appropriate selection activities and interview questions have to be devised as well as organising the selection day itself. The successful candidate will be subject to a range of pre-employment checks as part of a conditional offer.

In addition to general guidance on the recruitment and selection stages this topic area offers templates and further information on:

  • types of employment and contractual arrangements;
  • conditional offers;
  • offer letters and written statements of particulars;
  • new starter administration;
  • rules that apply to appointment in maintained schools;
  • job descriptions;
  • advice on managing probationary periods and induction; and
  • maintaining a Single Central Record (SCR).

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