Cleaning and Caretaking

Providing an advisory and contract management and letting service to all establishments within a defined area in respect of their cleaning needs. Professional and technical support and advice on all matters relating to caretaking and cleaning. Working in partnership with schools, other customers and contractors to deliver the specified services.

  • Maintaining site plans and measurements of all Education establishments for Local Management purposes.
  • Helping and supporting headteachers in the appointment of Caretakers / Site Managers. Assisting with shortlisting and attending selection interviews when required. Advising on technical competence of candidates.
  • Advising on the allocation of duties for school based staff and prepare schedules.
  • Processing and approving monthly cleaning performance certificates and authorising contractors to raise invoices. Communicating and liaising with schools and contractors on a regular basis, ensuring they are satisfied with the service and that it meets changing requirements. Assisting in the process of re-tendering of Building Cleaning Contracts.
  • Providing training courses for Caretakers / Site Managers and on-site induction training for new staff. Providing a swimming pool maintenance course once per year.

Cleaning Services

- Processing variation orders brought about by new buildings, changes of use or an alteration in the flexible specification requested by schools.

- Produce updated plans and site data sheets as a result of variations

- Take appropriate action to resolve problems, difficulties or disputes.

- Advise contractors of the amount to be invoiced for each individual school coupled with professional advice on how much to deduct for unsatisfactory work.

- Professional advice on floor treatments and other appropriate methods.

- Act as a single point of contact for all contractors at County Council level.

- Provide financial information on committed contract expenditure to assist schools in their spending plans.

- Ensure annual price review is fair and reasonable and in line with the Conditions of Contract.

- Arrange and attend regular meetings with schools and Contractors to discuss Contract performance and service issues.

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