Annual Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference

Friday 17th May 2019 | Surrey Outdoor Learning Development, High Ashurst | 19T/14766

The focus on the importance of improving employee wellbeing in order to achieve organisational success continues to gain momentum. In January 2019, we saw a long-awaited parliamentary debate on the role of mental health first aid in the workplace and the part this plays in the Government’s strategy to transform workplace mental health and enable those experiencing mental ill health to remain and thrive in work.

The challenge for employers is to embed a culture of wellbeing that meaningfully engages with the reality of the mental health issues that affect their staff, in order to support them to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. Schools and colleges face particular difficulties around recruitment and retention, not least because the pressures associated with working in education continue to impact negatively on wellbeing, inevitably discouraging new entrants to the sector and increasing the rate of attrition. 

Our 4th annual conference provides senior leaders in the sector with practical guidance on this cultural journey to support with the promotion of mental health and wellbeing in their school, college or MAT.  Specialist keynote speakers will share their expertise in employee wellbeing and our range of seminars will provide practical strategies for implementation.

Taking place at High Ashurst in the tranquil Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the conference provides the perfect opportunity and location for schools leaders to have the breathing space to reflect and focus on this critical area, to the benefit not just of their team but also themselves.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior leaders from schools, colleges and MATs
  • Mental health first aiders
  • Designated mental health leads

Key Reasons to Attend?

  • Enhance your knowledge of employee mental health and wellbeing and its impact on motivation, performance and retention
  • Increase your awareness of how to support mental health in the workplace and promote positive wellbeing
  • Tailor your own CPD by choosing seminar sessions to suit your needs and those of your organisation
  • Gain practical strategies to implement back at school
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